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Institute of Biosensory Psychology

We provide additional education in practical psychology. We conduct psychological courses for managers and entrepreneurs. Any person over the age of 18 will be trained in extrasensory studies, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing and self-healing. Training is possible with both personal presence and online.
English-language materials are all translations done by volunteers with a different level of English and translation experience. All materials are presented ‘as is’ and may or may not be revised or edited in the future.

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Online Seminar on Telekinesis

Date: April 13, 2019

Time: 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm, moscow time, UTC+3

Leading: Evgeniy Musin — teacher of the Institute of biosensory psychology, telekinesis trainer

Price: 6000 rubles.

Additional terms: The number of participants is limited. Registration by e-mail is required!

For information call. +7 (812) 232-97-76, e-mail:

6000 rubles
Online Seminar on Telekinesis

Hello. This is Evgeniy Musin, a teacher at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology.
On April 13, 2019 on Saturday, I will conduct an online seminar on telekinesis.

The lesson will contain practical and theoretical parts: the difference of biosensory approaches to telekinesis from other areas will be explained and the safety issues of the practices will be raised. The practical part will consist of the training of telekinesis skills.

Purpose of study: practical development skills of telekinesis.

Telekinesis is a contactless manipulation of objects. The phenomenon of learning the skills of telekinesis under the authorship of Tonkov V.V. was recorded in the book of the International Agency for Records and Achievements “Russia. Records and achievements of 2008″ in the nomination:” The largest number of people trained in telekinesis skills in the shortest possible time. ”
The seminars are based on the long-term practical experience of the specialists of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology in the field of biosensory, energy informatics and healing.

The specialists of the Institute have developed a unique technology of training and development of skills of supersensitive perception, which starts the process of improving the reserve capabilities of the body and mind, which is effective from the first practical exercises.

The study of telekinesis is accompanied by such effects as:
– deep recovery of the physical body and mental sphere of a person,
– development of intuition,
– acquisition of skills of self-organization and resolution of crisis situations.

How to prepare for a telekinesis seminar

Telekinesis at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology

Telekinesis demonstration

Telekinesis demonstration

Telekinesis demonstration

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